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Resonant Tone

What is your Resonant Tone?
Your Resonant Tone Determines The Conditions Of Your Birth
The Paramount Common Denominator To All Existence Is Evolution
Lightening up your Resonant Tone
Raising The Vibration Of Your Resonant Tone, One Step At A Time
A Recipe For Moving From Fear To Love
How Spinal Resonance© Chiropractic Lightens Your Resonant Tone
What Exactly Is A Menengial Subluxation?

What is your Resonant Tone?

The Resonant Tone, when considering this work we call Spinal Resonance© Chiropractic, deals with the primary resonance, or energetic tone, you emanate out into the universal resonant milieu of life. Picture yourself as a magnet, vibrating at a certain frequency as you walk through a specialized kind of universal store. From this store, it is only possible to acquire the items that are a match to your particular vibration, or resonant tone. These items include an infinite level of relationship with co-workers, lovers, parents, children; all the people you cross paths with in your physical life, and the varying circumstances in which you interact with them. The only way to change the circumstances of your life, be it physical or astral (vibrational) in all aspects, is to change your Resonant Tone. There are no exceptions because this is universal law.

The Resonant Tone is an averaging of everything you vibrate out, into one master song for the world to feel. In other words, your Resonant Tone is the collection of everything you feel; averaged into a single vibrational emanation from your body, out into the world around you.

Everyone and everything has a Resonant Tone. Essentially, it is what something feels like, not in a physical tactile sense, but in what might be called a more esoteric, sense of the heart. Simply by thinking about, or coming into proximity with someone or something, many people have an immediate “sensing” that speaks louder than words. Often this sense may be unspoken or unconscious, but in all cases it dictates how we react and deal with the people or things we perceive. Developing an understanding of your Resonant Tone is fundamental to a happy life, especially when considering how important it is to raise the vibration of your Resonant Tone to yield a greater level of prosperity, which includes vibrant health.

There are very complicated issues and experiences from many aspects of your life which have formed some of the core vibrations which comprise your Resonant Tone, and then there are more common and simple everyday experiences which also add to your Resonant Tone. But it is good to remember that your Resonant Tone is precisely what your soul, or astral being, feels like. It is the “vibe” you project out into the world which people feel upon meeting you.

It can also be thought of as the feel, or resonance of your collective unconscious mind. Your Resonant Tone is the truth about who you are in this moment, despite all efforts you may place forward as your game face to the outside world in pretense. You cannot hide from what you truly feel inside, and you cannot for long pretend to be someone in the physical world that is in conflict with your Resonant Tone without creating disease. As well, all pretenses you may offer to people who are sensitive to your Resonant Tone will only be met with suspicion and mistrust. No matter what, you can’t hide from your vibe!

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Your Resonant Tone Determines The Conditions Of Your Birth

When you begin a round of physical existence on this Earth, you are born with a certain Resonant Tone which is the actual driving force propelling you into this realm of existence from a more subtle, energetic or astral existence. When considering the Resonant Tone, the process of “rebirth” can be understood not as religion, but as science. Without getting too much into the science of reincarnation, simply understand that you are both an energetic being and a physical being right now, and when you lose this physical body, you will once again be solely an energetic being. Your Resonant Tone has been developing, and evolving to higher vibrations, over thousands of years with concern to continuing physical Earthly lives.

Your Resonant Tone is as eternal as your soul, and for all intents and purposes is your soul, which is propelled once again into this physical life-school to expand, learning how to become more and thus evolve to higher states of vibrational existence. The experiences you were born into match the frequencies of your Resonant Tone with the precision of Universal Law. After a rest in the astral (energetic) realm, the densities of your Resonant Tone eventually pull you back into the physical Earth realm, so you may once again evolve. When you “die” from the physical world you are once again born back into the astral realm, each time with more experience and a higher vibrational tone.

After a rest in the astral realm, the densities of our lower vibrational “issues” propel us back into physical existence, so they too may be healed through the experiences of this space/time reality. Physical existence is a perfect school-house for vibrational learning, since although our vibrations of thought and feeling still create our reality, the process of creation moves much slower on the physical Earth than when we are solely in astral existence. Therefore, we have time and a comfort zone enabling us to correct ourselves by making the appropriate changes to what we think and feel. To raise our Resonant Tone and thus evolve, is the only reason for reincarnation. Evolution can also occur in astral existence, but we experience the fruits of our thought far more instantaneously, and thus do not have as much opportunity for correction and reposition. This is why all the sages of this planet have always taught the value and opportunities of a physical Earthly life.

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The Paramount Common Denominator To All Existence Is Evolution

We come here, to this physical Earthly existence, for the purpose of evolution. Things go slowly here since a portion of us is held in space/time (a la Albert Einstein). Some are very naturally are sensitive to the Resonant Tone of people, wildlife, pets, and even inanimate objects. Since everything in this Universe is comprised of energy, everything thus has a vibration, or a tonal frequency, which can be perceived by our human bodies or measured by specialized machines. The Resonant Tone is the “vibe” you may consciously or unconsciously perceive when you are around certain people. Everyone can tell on some level when someone is lying or telling the truth, due to the resonant tone they emit in that moment.

Picture yourself as a magnet, vibrating at a certain frequency as you walk through a specialized kind of universal store. From this store, it is only possible to acquire the items that are a match to your particular vibration, or resonant tone. These items include an infinite level of relationship with co-workers, lovers, parents, children; all the people you cross paths with in your physical life, and the varying circumstances in which you interact with them. The only way to change the circumstances of your life, be it physical or astral in all aspects, is to change your Resonant Tone. There are no exceptions because this is universal law. Thus, acting moment by moment to change what you think and feel about all aspects of your present life situation is of paramount importance.

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Lightening Up Your Resonant Tone

As you act to think higher vibrational thoughts and feel higher vibrational emotions, structural faults within the spine self-correct, old continuous patterns of dysfunction leave, and true healing occurs from the only true healer present in our reality, the Universal Resonant Tone, which is the Resonant Tone of pure unadulterated love. The moment you begin to shift your awareness to more positive thoughts and emotions that make you feel better, give you more hope and raise your energy level, you gain more access to this Universal flow of all powerful love. There is nothing more powerful than this Universal force, which is the essence of all life and matter we experience. Once your Resonant Tone has shifted, you will be able to maintain this shift by choosing more effective and harmonious ways of thinking and processing your emotion.

All thinking and emotion has the effect of a snowball rolling down a snowy hill. The more momentum it acquires, the larger and more powerful it becomes. Thoughts that make you feel good attract more thoughts and like minded people that make you feel good. Thoughts that make you feel bad attract more thoughts and like minded people that make you feel worse. It has been said that the worse it gets, the worse it gets. This is the flawless Law of Attraction in action. You need to shift this phenomena immediately to emanate higher vibrational thoughts, so things begin to feel better for you; and then the better it gets, the better it will get. In this you can have absolute faith.

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Raising The Vibration Of Your Resonant Tone, One Step At A Time

Changing the vibrational nature of your thoughts and emotions is not as difficult as you may imagine. It becomes easier the more you practice, and you want to practice more and more because the positive effects on how you feel are instantaneous. With any given situation in life, simply ask yourself, “does this way of thinking make me feel good right now, or worse?” Then shift your attention to the better feeling thought. It really is that simple.

It only becomes complicated, and herein lies the key, when you are addicted to persistent negative patterns that have arisen from your persistent negative thoughts and beliefs. In a way, being addicted to negative patterns of thought and belief in your life is a bit like having a love affair with disaster. It is not that you are unable to shift your focus to something more positive or productive; you are simply unwilling to do so out of habit. This unwillingness emanates from negative portions of your Resonant Tone that you have been unwilling to shift, most likely because diving into them may involve opening a Pandora’s Box of vulnerability and uncertainty. Your façade feels so much safer, but at the same time it enslaves you in a low vibrational existence.

When considering the dozens of emotional classifications your body and mind usually brood over, begin with the understanding that this entire spectrum can be narrowed down into two categories: Fear and Love. Taking this one step further, fear is merely the temporary absence of love, which is your vibrational milieu and true home. But the collective mind of humanity loves to complicate the issue into an array of sub-categories, so for most people who are just beginning this process, the jump from fear to love is too wide a chasm.

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A Recipe For Moving From Fear To Love

With any given situation, figure out where you are on this emotional scale:

  • Complete Love for the process of your life
  • Knowing with confidence that Universal Law will provide in all venues
  • Faithful and believing more in Universal Law
  • Hopeful and seeking to feel better
  • Overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Revenge seeking and resentful
  • Fearful or depressed but refusing medication
  • Depressed, possibly medicated
  • Totally fearful, powerless, possibly medicated as a result

You can contemplate where you are for any given issue on this scale, but it is far more important to figure out where the sum average of your daily emotional output places you. On which level do you vibrate most of the day? What is the sum average of all your daily vibrational output? This contemplation brings you to the initial understanding of how the people and circumstances in your life came to be the way they presently are through the Law of Attraction.

Since most people cannot make that quantum leap from fear to love, just figure out where you are on the scale, even if you are in-between two levels, and do your best to find a higher vibrational thought that yields a higher vibrational feeling, however subtle, to bring you to the next level up. You will not have to struggle to maintain this way of thinking, as holding a higher vibrational thought for a short period of time will yield more thoughts of a like nature. Just let go of the bad feelings, no matter how attached you may have been to them in the past. You will notice that in a short period of time, solutions will pop up that you may not have considered before from your lower vibrational stance. You will attract higher vibrational like-minded people now who will bring you more ideas for solution, and this process will continue until you have acquired the perfect end result.

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How Spinal Resonance© Chiropractic Lightens Your Resonant Tone

No matter where you are on the above emotional scale at any given moment, Spinal Resonance© can help you move along to the next higher vibrational level. Particularly if you are rather fearful, angry, or “stuck” in any or a combination of emotional/vibrational strata, the Spinal Resonance© light touch protocol described above gets you in touch with where you are primarily vibrating, and by doing so offers the avenue for release of the lower vibrational energies which are weighing down your Resonant Tone. Many people experience relief of pain, more light heartedness, spontaneous laughter, and a generalized sense of well-being after a few visits into, and certainly after they complete the initial treatment program.

The treatment program you will receive from the SRC practitioner has this as its primary goal: To lighten and ease the Resonant Tone of the recipient as closely as possible to the Universal Resonant Tone of eternal love.

As this process moves forward, structural faults within the spine self-correct, old continuous patterns of dysfunction leave, and true healing occurs from the only true healer present in our reality, this Universal Resonant Tone. Once your Resonant Tone has shifted, you will be able to maintain this shift by choosing more effective and harmonious ways of thinking and processing your emotion. This of course, will lead you to emanate an attractive force that will bring you more of what you truly want in life on a persistent basis.

Visualize What?

Now there are many well intended programs available that encourage you to change your life by changing your thoughts. They instruct you to sit quietly and visualize exactly what, how and when you want the varying aspects of your life to appear, and you get excited after hearing the testimonials of how well this works for people. This is all good; however you must first understand these basics of the universal law of attraction and your Resonant Tone.

If you have yet to place any significant time in noticing how you truly feel in life; how you truly feel in your body, then visualization will feel like work, and will most certainly produce results deviant to your anticipated goal. Although you visualize better circumstances, they bounce off a Resonant Tone that does not believe they can exist, and this muddies your intention unless first you act to release old resonances which have attracted your present circumstances.

We’ve all heard stories of the woman who visualizes her perfect new boyfriend, and soon afterwards he enters into her life. It’s a miracle! He seems perfect. But sooner than later, he takes up where the old boyfriend left off. If you try to visualize without first changing your Resonant Tone to match the happy feelings associated with those visualizations, at best only the players in your visualizations will change, while their respective Resonant Tones (or personalities) will remain the same as what you have experienced in the past, sooner usually than later. At worst, it is possible to bring more stress, as well as physical/psychological disease as your psychic visions are at odds with your lower vibrational Resonant Tone.

You need to fully understand that any true and lasting change in your life involves time, a necessary component of the healing process in this world. So often people want to just “get there,” and not experience their own personal process of the journey there. Pushing against where you are presently at to get faster to the world you want never proves fruitful. In the pushing against where you are; i.e., continuing to push against what you do not want, by trying to fight and avoid it instead of learning to accept it, and feel something different about it, acting to change your Resonant Tone, you only create a resonance of resistance to what you do not want. This pushes you further from what you do want, since resistance is a strong attractive force, attracting toward you the very things you are attempting to resist!

Believe it or not, the Resonant Tone of resistance to what you do not want is identical to the resonant tone of what you do not want! All you can ever accomplish by resisting something is to create more of it.

By contrast, if you accept where you are at with love, finding as much thankfulness for it as you are able, while simultaneously recognizing with your feelings and thoughts that it indeed can be different sometime soon, that sometime soon will arrive much faster. If you cannot find any space for gratitude of your present situation, you can always find thankfulness in at least the notion that your present circumstances have enabled you to discover what it is you don’t want. This can give you a clear vision of what you do want. You can from this space, visualize what it would feel like to already be where you want to be by focusing on the peace, ease, love and happiness it can bring to you. Visualizations of this manner, coupled with the feelings of already being there, with ease, grace and gratitude, are only possible after one has commenced some process of release. Spinal Resonance© is certainly a venue for this release process, which will lighten your Resonant Tone and eventually enable you to effectively visualize, and re-create your life.

How do I become stuck?

Old and possibly more dormant, stuck resonances of fear from past events, still emanating an attractive pull from within the nervous system toward the person, continue to create unpleasant experiences because the skills for releasing these resonances, and intentionally replacing them with higher vibrations, have yet to be acquired.

This causes the person to move into lower, innate survival postures in order to feel safe and create some sense of relief. For lack of a better term, “stuck” is the best adjective to describe these old smoldering resonances. Old and intense emotional energies are what created them, and from this stance within the energetic transfer vehicles of the body, aka, the spinal tissues and nerves, they emanate a Resonant Tone of fear, disappointment, discouragement and sadness et al, outward into the energetic milieu of life. By virtue of the law of attraction, you can only bring back to you circumstances and people who vibrate with your present Resonant Tone. If you are not conscious of your resonant tone, then you do this unconsciously. When you allow your Resonant Tone to be manufactured subconsciously, you can easily be manipulated by the whim and call of media programming, and it’s seemingly endless stream of advertising. Until YOU learn how to decide what energies you will accept as part of your Resonant Tone, and which ones you will let go, for the most part you live your life as a puppet on a string to whichever marionette has the knowledge for programming the masses of the population.

By “lower innate survival postures,” we mean standardized groups of response and reaction to varying uncomfortable circumstance which reflexively push you into a stance of fight or flight. All species have this innate response built into the software of their genetic vehicle as a measure to ensure basic survival tactics; when I see the predator, do I run or stay and fight? Do I climb that tree to get the fruit, chancing there be a serpent waiting to cause my demise? Do I respond to that insult with more insult, adding fuel to the fire? Do I accept the abuse I am receiving from someone, rather than acting to move away from it and create something more pleasant, fearing that if I speak it may get worse? Do I accept the limited experiences of this present circumstance, all because the present at least feels safer than the fear of what may come next? Do I keep to my present limited circumstances of work and personal life, even though I have an ongoing sense that there is so much more to experience. Do I fear change and the unpredictable nature of future events?

Here is the key. Once your nervous system has become clear of the compacted resonances that have held you back for years, these negativities cease their smoldering power over your life, like extinguishing the coals on an ongoing fire of demise. This changes your “Resonant Tone” to a freer stance of unlimited re-creation, and within a short period of time by now pointing your thoughts and feelings toward the direction of what you want to see manifest in your life, you will begin to see instantaneous shifts toward bliss and ease.

What occurs so often in most people’s lives, is a continuous process of fight or flight, where they persistently react to stressful stimuli like Pavlov’s dog. They very predictably turn away, brace for impact, and then respond with like stress or energetically shut down for safety. Responding with like stress only brings about more resonance of stress, further acknowledging and solidifying menengial types of tension subluxations throughout the spine.

Shutting down your feelings about what is occurring produces a numbing or hardening effect on the Resonant Tone. Over time, this creates a thick wall of energetic resistance and tension within the spine. This phenomena can lead to depression, which in and of itself is not at all a feeling, but an abyss. Depression is nothing more than a growing void between you and Universal Source, all as a result of persistently attempting to avoid your Resonant Tone.

This void is devastating, and makes one believe they can seek solace in alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, caffeine, perverse or excessive sexuality or some other form of stimulation. These substances or activities race the production of neurotransmitters (nerve conduction chemicals), and momentarily give you a rush of energy and possibly elation. But they wear off, and when they do, you fall hard back into the growingly familiar void. This can have nothing but a negative effect on your life and health.

Jimmy Hendrix was traumatized from his youth and the atrocities he witnessed during the Vietnam War, so he turned to heroin to avoid feeling. So many have ended their lives just like him, all due to these addictions, and the inability to deal with how they feel. Harming oneself with dangerous drugs is not even an option for a person who has simply glimpsed a short experience of Universal flow. Allopathic drugs are necessary and valuable within our world, but when they are used, time and time again, simply to turn off the body’s warning mechanism, this leads to an inevitable breakdown. Sooner or later, you’ll have to listen to the message your body is attempting to communicate. Keeping yourself away from the true nature of your present Resonant Tone is a strenuous, enervating and essentially futile task. A person avoids the reality of their emotional/energetic world, only because they lack the proper knowledge of how to deal with the intensity of what they feel. SRC can start you on your way to unfolding this process of release, and the way to deal with what you will release; the way you will deal with what you feel, comes to you effortlessly and quite naturally.

Our culture at its present level of spiritual development offers too few methods for dealing with an onslaught, however subtle, and persistent level of emotional trauma perpetrated by the media. We are assaulted with it every day with an array of media venues, from newspapers to an ever increasing population of televisions we cannot seem to get away from. Many people experience this stress to varying degrees on an ongoing, daily basis, simply by driving back and forth to work, listening to the nonsense on talk-radio programs and being assaulted with an array of billboard ads. With time and without care, unconsciously their nervous systems degrade more and more each enervating year.

It all begins in childhood

You’ve heard it said many times before. If your parents were in any way traumatized by the workings of this world, chances are very good that you too were traumatized by their trauma. This can happen both by direct emotional/physical trauma, and by what has been transmitted vicariously through what the child observes and senses. This stress lays the foundation for what becomes an ongoing build-up of spinal tension throughout adolescence and adulthood, robbing the body of vital energy and eventually leading to breakdown, dis-ease and death.

While under care with the Spinal Resonance© light touch protocol, much of what you will release as “energetic gook” had its inception in childhood or early adolescence. You may have experienced a high degree of emotion, coming from experiences you did not have the skill to effectively deal with, most likely coming from the adults around you. They were unable to rescue you from these traumas, because they lacked the skill to rescue themselves, and this is what creates the initial foundation for the twisting of spinal soft tissues, aka the menenges, creating the menengial subluxations.

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What Exactly Is A Menengial Subluxation?

The diagram (& video) below are simplified visual representations of this complex process for educational purposes. In its natural, non-confrontational state, the spine and its emanating spinal nerves are covered with a vital, active membrane called the menenges. This membrane is highly sensitive, having billions of smaller nerves emanating from the spinal cord and connecting to it. When free of tension, torque, chemical irritation and/or other disturbances, these menengial cushions protect and provide vital nutrient balances to the spinal cord. In this way, the spinal nerves are able to flow with life force, creating, maintaining and recreating a happy and healthy human existence.

But, due to its high level of nerve innervations the menengial tissue is very sensitive to emotional energy. Happy and connected feelings to Universal Source keep the menenges supple, expansive and healthy. Traumatic and lower vibrational feelings associated with fear and anger cause it to “tense up,” much like you hold tension in your muscles during stress. It is a very elastic membrane, so during this stress it twists and creates a torque around the spinal column at varying areas, which to the spine at first may seem like a man’s shirt collar worn tightly across the neck. If the emotional tension is dealt with properly, this certainly can ease up, but it is more likely the case that the emotional tension will beget more emotional tension, and this overwhelms the menenges as the nerves connecting to it race with too many neurotransmitters and information in too short a period of time. That uncomfortably tight collar then begins to feel more like a firm hand around the neck. The longer this process continues without functional processing and release of the emotional energy which created it, the longer the menengial subluxation persists, and thus the more uncomfortable and dysfunctional it becomes for the body and mind. This leads to severe nerve flow interruptions of the spinal cord and nerves in the effected areas.

The Spinal Resonance© initial light touch protocol acts to ease these menengial subluxations, thus facilitating a natural process of release via a vibrational “spin-off” of energetic tension. The Spinal Resonance© process of light touch used for healing is ancient, and certainly has not been invented by Spinal Resonance© or any other Chiropractic technique. Spinal Resonance© is simply one effective modality in which this healing energy is expressed in our “modern” world.

Spinal Resonance©practitioners are not emotional therapists. They are specialized Chiropractors who are aware of the level of emotional stress build-up within the body, and are keen to the methods by which to release it. Some people who are releasing very old patterns of trauma, especially those which had their inception in childhood, may choose to work with a properly trained emotional therapist who may aid with the feelings now discovered. The SRC practitioner knows how to untie the knots, but cannot tell you what to do with the extended free rope you now have to climb to the next level of awareness. This is solely up to the recipient of care, who properly analyzes what exactly their particular release pattern means to them.

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