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What is Spinal Resonance© Chiropractic?

Spinal Resonance© is a specialized Chiropractic healing art, invented through the 25 plus years of healing experience William P. Trebing, DC has developed by analyzing, and treating the spine energetically. Dr. Trebing lectures nationally and abroad, certifying Chiropractic physicians in this powerful work.

What does this mean, “treating the spine energetically?” The human body can be viewed from several different vantage points, depending on the knowledge and experience of the personal viewer. As well, life in general is viewed from a perspective of what one is able to perceive. As perception increases, so does experience and expansion of possibilities. If what you have learned in life about your physical body, mind, soul, and energetic existence is no longer comprehensive enough to satisfy what you have evolved to perceive, then we believe the Spinal Resonance© healing protocol will be very attractive to you.

Doctors of Chiropractic who have studied Spinal Resonance© have a more expansive “feel” for the spine, the most vital of components we have to care for within our physical bodies. From the spine, life force which is presently expressed scientifically as “nerve flow” or “nerve energy,” emanates outward to complete an energetic flow that forms, controls, heals, and maintains every cell that comprises your physical body. This is the most basic of Chiropractic principles, and if a Chiropractor is not abiding to this rule of thumb, then although he may be successful at whatever medical art he is practicing, he is not practicing Chiropractic. The primary focus of many principled Chiropractors, which include doctors who practice Spinal Resonance©, is to remove all blocks to this vital flow of powerful life force. When the blocks are properly, and effectively removed, the experience of freedom for the recipient of Spinal Resonance© care is profound.

This is exactly what Spinal Resonance© Chiropractic aims to do. Properly, effectively and proficiently remove the primary blocks within the spinal column and its surrounding soft tissues. This may at first sound like esoteric, “way out-there” kind of, “New Age cult” language, but we assure you, Spinal Resonance© is one of the more scientific Chiropractic healing art forms available today. Quite often throughout our history as human beings, we have discovered that today’s mysticism becomes tomorrow’s science. Spinal Resonance© Chiropractic, or SRC, is a springboard for the energetic healing resonance arts of the future.

It has already been proven by standardized physical science that energy precedes form; the opposite is never true. Energy can be thought of as a far less condensed form of matter. Physical material, which includes all the atoms, molecules, organelles, cells, tissues and organ systems that comprise our physical bodies, is the most condensed form of matter we are aware of in this dimension of physical reality we call, space/time; and all of the physical matter you see around your life, from your big toe to the sock covering it, as well as the gas pedal of the car you are pressing down to move on the road you are traveling; all of these seemingly “real” things are nothing more than a condensed precipitation of some lighter, more dispersed form of energetic matter. We usually refer to this lighter energetic matter as thought.

There are many states of energetic matter to consider, but for the purposes of this work as it applies to creating a greater quality of life for YOU, let us simply consider the energetic matter you are most familiar with; i.e., your energetic radiation which is produced by your ongoing thoughts and emotions.

Once you have truly mastered your thoughts and emotions, you have mastered life on this physical plane of existence within space/time. You have heard this said before in many venues and in many different ways, but the basics of how you are the architect of your reality always remains the master key formula for success in your physical life, if only you would take the time to control what you think and feel. We are Human Beings and not Vulcans, thusly, thought and emotion are always coupled together as a powerful energetic resonance for us. They are very rarely separate.

Believe it or not, there was a time you existed out of this physical space-time reality, much as you are existing right now but without the confines of a physical body-suit. You realized then from immediate experience that everything you thought or felt very quickly became your reality. You also realized that you are not as in control of this creation process as you may like to be, so you contemplated how nice it would be if only you could slow the process down a bit to have more time to make corrections, before the creation of your resonance manifested. This wish then came true, and you created a physical birth for the advancement of your soul,…..yet one more time.

In this physical reality, you have the time and space to make mistakes, get angry and stupid, fly through addictions and passions, and steer yourself practically off a cliff. You then have the opportunity to learn from these mishaps, and choose something very different from what you now realize does not work, or serve your greater good. Living as well in this very condensed physical space/time existence, you have the time to correct your thoughts and feelings before they produce drastically negative results. Quite often, you do not have this luxury of energetic patience without a physical body. So you live your physical life, and make all the corrections you are willing or able to make depending on your level of spiritual development (aka energetic awareness). Now your soul, energetic being or what some institutions like to call your astral or dream body, has evolved proportionally to the control you have learned to exercise, and you “die” off from this space/time physical reality with more skills for your less condensed, astral body life. You have advanced your journey through this vast and amazing universe, which expresses itself as infinite forms, but in essence always distills down at every turn and corner to the resonance of pure love. When you are feeling the essence of pure love in every moment of your existence, your journey is complete.

Now that we have covered these basics of energetic resonance, you will have a clearer idea of how the SRC protocol operates to help clear your nervous system of heavy, tight and more condensed resonances that are slowing down your energetic evolution. These more “negative” resonances as they are so commonly called here, are experienced over time as heavy constrictions to your energy flow by primarily effecting what is known as the spinal menenges.

Chiropractic is all about specifically removing blocks to your nerve energy caused by vertebral subluxations. There are many Chiropractic techniques which approach this phenomena from varying angles, and the fact that Chiropractic is the largest “alternative” form of health care in the world speaks to the success of these techniques. If you do care for more structural types of adjustments, there are many light touch venues to choose from which create success, and success in Chiropractic is always a measure of how good the person feels after commencing treatment. Since it’s inception in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer and his son, Bartlett Joshua Palmer, Chiropractic has succeeded to great popularity, despite intense efforts to remove it from the face of the planet by the established medical cartel (or medical mafia). Through the years, doctors of Chiropractic have endured incarceration, ridicule, defamation of character, destruction of property and even bodily harm, all to promote the essential message of Chiropractic; that the body needs no help to heal and maintain itself, just no interference; and Chiropractors in general have proved this point time and time again ad-nauseum with people from all walks of life, troubled with all forms of disease and otherwise categorized medical diagnosis. According to basic Chiropractic philosophy, there is only one dis-ease, and this is whatever has caused the vital life force to be shut down or altered in some way, creating dysfunction in one’s life.

SRC involves a complex, advanced formula for removing these vertebral subluxations, not only from the physical level, but from the energetic or astral levels as well. Recognizing all we have just written about energy or resonance preceding form, it follows suit that the SRC protocol follows a method of removing aberrant resonances from one’s energy flow, and this is completed by contacting the spinal tissues in an energetic or resonant way. Obviously, the practitioner of SRC does not have to physically cut into the body or offer systemic altering chemicals, such as drugs, to achieve this goal. She has learned the light touch methods emanating from her fingertips, which enable her to detect heavier, aberrant resonances throughout the spinal menengial system. He as well as a practitioner of SRC, has experienced the method by which simultaneous focus on the pure life force, which emanates from any ill affected (subluxated) area, has the natural healing power to quite effectively lift these heavier, binding resonances out of the person’s energetic being. Doing so becomes its own testimonial.

Dr. Trebing’s private office research over the past 22 years of developing SRC, concluded that 80% of people will experience some form of palpable, kinesthetic release on the very first session. Another 10% may need 6 sessions to feel this release, and approximately 10% feel nothing at all, and do not find the work useful. However, knowing how the law of attraction operates, by virtue of the fact that you have read this far in interest, these concepts have attracted you. With all certainty, no one reading this far into the text falls into that final 10%.

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