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Specific Spinal Resonance©
Chiropractic Adjusting Protocol

Remember, the basis of Spinal Resonance© is that energy, or resonance, precedes form. Therefore, the energetic element of your detected menengial subluxations will be addressed first using the Spinal Resonance© light touch protocol. This involves the practitioner using pressure with the fingertips, about the weight of a quarter, on specific key points of your spinal column and cranium. This contact can be accomplished through regular indoor clothing. This in turn will stir a process within you, creating a release of the heavier resonances that have been binding your energy flow for years, perhaps decades. These heavy, menengial subluxated … (diagram)… areas, are created when the lower emotional resonances of fear overwhelm your energetic system over an extended period of space/time. Fear is the opposite energy resonance to the natural flow of the universe, which is pure, unadulterated, uninhibited, uncategorized, non-judgmental and absolutely free love. This natural flow of universal force has the ability to blast any lower form of resonance to shreds upon contact, and when this occurs the recipient experiences an immediate and profound release.

However, many people would find this phenomena too overwhelming, and universal force knows just how to ease it’s way into the system to create the perfect, tailor made release for whatever the recipient is able to handle.

Fear has many subdivisions, all of which effect the spinal menenges in varying ways. Some create a chemical imbalance within the natural flow of spinal fluid. Others create uncomfortable nerve irritation by twisting and torque of the menengial tissue around the nerve root. Both these levels of menengial subluxation have the ability to create aberrant mood and personality alterations, as well as bodily pain, discomfort and other dis-ease within whatever system the affected nerves act to control. These subdivisions of fear include anger, jealousy, intense pride or egoism (the proverbial “chip” on the shoulder), rage, addiction, greed, low self-worth et al; the list is endless. But it all comes down to one palpable resonance in the long run, which is why it is so easy for the trained SRC practitioner to discover and eliminate these lower nerve altering vibrations. Here is a general diagram demonstrating how certain lower resonances effect the spinal tissue. These are as well, the primary contact points for the SRC light touch protocol …. (diagram).

Structural Adjusting May Follow Light Touch Release

Depending then on your personal level of menengial insult, and release, more structural Chiropractic adjustments may follow the SRC light touch protocol. These include, but are not limited to, the following techniques designed to correct structural vertebral subluxation:

  1. Diversified specific structural adjustments
  2. Toggle recoil
  3. Cranial work (including internal zygomatic arch adjusting)
  4. Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT Blocking)
  5. Structural adjustments using the Activator tool (not the activator technique)
  6. Flexion/distraction (a form or traction) to aid in the healing of inter-vertebral discs

Structural adjustments are usually commenced within the first two weeks of your SRC active care program. It is uncommon, but not impossible to receive structural adjustments before the forth session. The SRC protocol never rushes into structural adjusting, as experience in developing the technique proves that many of the twisted and subluxated (misaligned, creating further nerve interference and pressure) vertebrae will self-correct once the emotional tension has been released from the spine through the light touch contacts.

As well, SRC structural adjusting is extremely specific, concentrating on a single segment per adjustment. More general, non-specific manipulation, an entity far different from specific Chiropractic adjusting, is NOT part of SRC, and it is the opinion of the developer of this technique that non-specific manipulation, in the long run, is counterproductive to the health of the spine. Non-specific spinal manipulation, much like non-specific manipulation of the fingers or toes on a persistent basis, creates a state of hypermobility within the surrounding synovial joints. At times we see people who tell us they “crack their necks” or backs several times a day to relieve stress. Over time this addiction severely damages the synovial joints of the vertebrae, leading to arthritis, chronic “pinched” or inflamed nerves, and an array of other spinal and neurological difficulties that can easily be avoided with proper, specific Chiropractic adjustments.

The art of structural Chiropractic adjusting does not rely as much on knowing how to move the bone, as it does in knowing which bones to leave alone. A properly applied, specific Chiropractic structural adjustment, as is commenced within the SRC protocol, feels powerfully correct and produces a sense of ease almost immediately. Non-specific manipulation, no matter the practitioner who administers it, may produce a brief sense of ease, but it is far short lived when compared to the specificity of a vertebral correction.

Specific vertebral adjusting creates more spinal correction, and thus less need for care in the long run. Non-specific manipulation can be addictive, producing on and off inflammation with absolutely no long term corrective benefits.

What To Expect When You’re Releasing

The process of release can be as different as the fingerprint for each recipient of SRC. An intense array of old resonance leaving your spine during a session may fill you with tears, as well as overwhelm you with laughter, and this can occur while you are on the treatment table or within days of arriving home after an SRC session. It all depends on how the emotional energy was experienced, and in which manner it overwhelmed the nervous system.

By overwhelm, we mean that emotional energy, usually some variety of fear, being experienced intensely with little avenue for process and release by the person experiencing it.

In such cases where the person has developed skill in processing emotional energy, this process of overwhelming the nervous system will be far diminished proportionally. However, on our planet today it is rarely the case where communities of people have developed such skills in advance of trouble.

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