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Greenwich Patients Review Spinal Resonance Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Spinal Resonance Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact the office or Click here to email us your questions!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Wil Trebing

“A positive experience with a knowledgeable professional”

I learned of Dr. Trebing’s office through our mutual association with Curtain Call, Stamford’s award winning community theater organization. I had experienced pain in the past and I visited an osteopathic doctor in Indiana who used a form of chiropractic manipulation to help me reduce and then eliminate the pain. After I inadvertently and unknowingly injured my neck and suffered with discomfort and pain which then impacted my back and legs as well, I reached out to Dr. Trebing to see if he could offer assistance, based on the positive experience I had experienced with the osteopathic doctor in Indiana.Read More>>>

At the time of my first visit, I had neck pain, back pain, lower back pain, and leg pain. I could not stand up easily, and was very stiff. I also could not sit for any length of time without much discomfort. Dr. Trebing was very thorough in his examination and explained the reasons for what I was experiencing, what he could do to help the issues, and the processes and activities he suggested as a course of treatment. This helped me feel very comfortable with the process.

My experience at his office was extremely positive; Dr. Trebing has extensive knowledge and experience within this field, and his concern for my well-being put me at ease. Most doctor’s offices are uncomfortable and sterile, and I am lucky if I see an actual doctor for more than just a few minutes. Dr. Trebing’s office is warm and welcoming, and he takes the time needed to fully treat whatever issues he finds are in need of attention.

I started to see results almost right away; pain was lessened, and I learned ways that I could reduce what was causing the discomfort. Treatment yielded further positive results over time, and as a result my health has improved dramatically.

I have learned how to care for my back and neck with substantive results. Before I began treatment, I was in severe discomfort; I can now stand upright and walk without pain. I am also more in tune with my overall health and well-being.

I highly recommend Dr. Trebing. His treatment has been exceptionally helpful for me, his attention to my well-being is very much appreciated, and most of all, his friendliness and approachability helped put me at ease with the whole experience.

Tom: Stamford CT

“I no longer worry about back pain”

I was Referred to Dr Trebing by my Naturopath after suffering from lower back pain. I was searching for other treatment options that could truly help and treat me. At the time I was having lower back and traveling pain to my leg, and Dr. Trebing discovered it was a disc issue. I was experiencing pain down my leg and it was hard for me to walk. When I first met Dr Trebing I knew I came to the right place. He explained in detail what I had going on, and came up with a series of treatment options for me. My experience with Dr Trebing was beyond what I thought I could find, he really cared.

What I liked a lot was that he made time to talk with you, listen and answer any questions. Anywhere else, they take 5 minutes with you and send you off. I would say after my first visit I felt some relief. I had a positive outlook moving forward with Dr Trebing. As of today I am able to go about my day and not worry about back pain. Before I could not even tie my shoe and the pain of the disc was wearing me out. I still see Dr Trebing for Maintenance work on my lower back about once a month. I’m very grateful for his knowledge and skill. He really helped me out.
I recommend him to anyone I know.”

Andrew: Norwalk CT

“I can strongly recommend Dr. Will. My pain went away almost completely”

I had strong pains in my right shoulder and arm, making me unable to do much and needed to take medication to stand the pain. I had Dr. Will recommended from friends he had helped in different cases and I wanted to try it out.

Dr. Will is alternative in his approach and I was happy he was also very professional. After two visits he said I should get an MRI scan to establish evident conclusion of the herniation he suspected. He was correct it was a bigger herniation between C5 and C6 and from there he confidently treated me. I saw Dr. Will 1-2 times a week and he was very mild not just cracking me in 10 minutes like I had experienced with other chiropractors. He has a special approach and a more mild set-up where he treated me for long sessions.

I can strongly recommend Dr. Will. My pain went away almost completely, just have some left now if I tempt to run where I aggravate it. Most likely he could treat that further, but unfortunately we no longer live in the US.

Anna: Copenhagen Denmark.

“I was satisfied with the diagnosis and the plan of action for my Chiropractic care”

My husband and I recently relocated to Westchester, NY and were looking for a Chiropractor that shares our goal for overall health and wellness. We found Dr. Wil through his website and were intrigued to make an appointment. After being in a car accident a few years ago, I’ve consistently been treated by Chiropractors – however, the level of care itself was not always consistent. I’ve found that many Chiropractors treat the individual symptoms and don’t address the underlying cause. Dr. Wil takes the time to examine and evaluate before just “cracking your back”.

I suffer from the typical neck pain and headaches that come with sitting at a computer all day in a 9-5 corporate job. In addition, as a working mom with a 1 year old I do have the occasional lower back pain. I was satisfied with the diagnosis and the plan of action for my Chiropractic care. Dr. Wil goes above and beyond for his patients. He cares about our well-being and makes time to give each patient and individualized experience. He is genuinely concerned about my health as well as my family members.

What sets Dr. Wil’s office apart from the others is the focus on patient care. When you arrive at Dr. Wil’s, he is truly focused on how you are feeling and what he can do for you. I expierenced positive result immediately. I was in dire need of a good adjustment and felt relief especially in my neck after the first visit. I found out that I was pregnant just as I began care with Dr. Wil. I experienced back and neck pain typically associated with pregnancy and was extremely happy to have Dr. Wil’s experience and expertise. I truly believe that I had a comfortable pregnancy due to my consistent commitment to care with Dr. Wil. Now as a new and working mom, I continue to make time to see Dr. Wil to manage my spinal health and wellness.

Trisha: Somers NY

“I experience a high level of professionalism in his office, and I recommend him to anyone”

I was referred to Dr Will by my husband who went to him for a slipped L5 disc. Before his sessions tying a shoe brought him near to tears. After a few visits his pain was gone, and has been for two years now. I came in to see Dr. Wil then with lower back issues due to pregnancy/labor and carrying heavy children. Since my children are still in the carrying stage, I go in for more regular adjustments and always feel better. I was a skeptic when it came to chiropractic before I met Dr. Wil but the results are certainly there. I experience a high level of professionalism in his office, and I recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Brett: Riverside CT

“From day one I felt positive results after a visit”

I was referred to Dr. Wil by my yoga friend Tracy, after I had told her about my very stiff spine and difficulties with feeling flexible and open. I had not had any chiropractic work done before, but she praised Dr. Wil highly and so I thought I would give it a try. The problems I had were to do with feeling stiff and inflexible from my head down through to the bottom of my spine and with this physical stiffness came the association of being emotionally and mentally stiff and stuck as well as feeling generally without much energy.Read More>>>

During my initial exam and intake I felt that Dr. Wil gave great attention and time to establishing all the areas that needed re-aligning or re-balancing, and then explained the process of the care I would need to receive in a way that I could understand. The level of professionalism and humanism that I have received from Dr. Wil’s practice has always been exemplary. The moment I step through the door I know that I am in a safe and healing environment and that I can relax and allow my body to receive the care it needs. As I have never been to another chiropractor I cannot give a comparison for myself, but from what I have heard from other people, they do not receive the time, care and attention during a visit that Dr. Wil offers in his practice.

From day one I felt positive results after a visit. Always more open and flexible and more energized. I feel that I am a very changed person since I have been going to Dr. Wil’s practice. I feel that the spinal re-aligning and rebalancing of my physical body has brought a similar re-alignment and rebalancing of my emotional and mental states. I feel much more grounded, calm and clear headed and generally more positive and energized in my daily life. I know that the work is never done as far as keeping the body in perfect re-alignment and harmony. Daily events, emotions, attitudes and beliefs all imprint on the body in some way with the hectic life-style we all live. I think that continued chiropractic care for general re-balancing of the body has a huge impact on keeping the whole body-mind system in good balance and health. I will definitely keep up with my visits to Dr. Wil’s practice.

Rowena: New Canaan CT

“I wish I had visited him sooner, instead of living with my condition (and ignoring it) for about a year.”

A friend (whose family members have been treated by Dr. Wil) recommended that I meet with Dr. Wil regarding curvature of the spine for my pre-teen child. I wanted to get another opinion as to treatment options, in addition to what the pediatrician suggested. I then began seeing Dr. Wil myself for lower back and hip pain. I had used chiropractic care in the past (during pregnancy and several other times) and had been very satisfied with the results. My right hip joint was very inflexible and I did not have the full range of motion. I was also experiencing lower back pain. Dr. Wil was able to describe the misalignment and explain the plan of treatment in plain terms that I could understand. I asked several questions, and Dr. Wil patiently and clearly addressed my concerns.

The communication is always very open and friendly; in no way is it ever intimidating or confusing, which is sometimes the case with doctors. Dr. Wil is genuinely interested in his patients’ well-being. At the beginning of each session, he asks if there have been changes to how I am feeling, such as any new symptoms or stresses. If I forget to tell him something, he can usually tell ME about a trouble spot, just by doing a quick exam.

He treats his patients as equals, and is never too pushy about requiring follow-up visits. wait time, if any, is minimal. If I cannot make it to the regular hours, he is very accommodating in terms of setting up an appointment at another time. During the initial weeks of my treatment, I had adjustments about 2-3 times per week. I felt better within about 2 weeks of starting treatment. I am now on more of a maintenance schedule, which is for my needs about 2 to 3 times a month. The pain in my hip is gone and the flexibility and range of motion are back to normal. I wish I had visited him sooner, instead of living with my condition (and ignoring it) for about a year.

Connie: New Canaan CT

“Before I would never recommend chiropractic work to anyone, now I am happy to suggest this is a viable option to consider for back, leg, and neck pain.”

I found Dr. Wil on a Google search when I was looking for someone who specialized in traction. I have a herniated a disc. I also had a microdiscectomy surgery which did not resolve the continuous pain down one leg. Continued research lead me to believe that certain stretching and traction would help the problem, despite my initial skepticism about Chiropractors. Despite the surgery, I continued to have sciatica, knee pain, shin pain, groin and hip pain. I could not work, exercise, or walk without a limp, etc. This was particularly stressful for me since I am only 37.

Dr. Wil seemed to know the issue at hand and addressed that head on. The treatment with Dr. Wil It was a different experience than I was expecting. I found myself instantly feeling better, although it took a few months to feel very well. Before I couldn’t sit at my desk at work for more than 45 minutes, I couldn’t walk without a severe limp, no gym or exercise, driving was uncomfortable, just getting in my car was awful.

Now, back in the gym, no limp, working my normal 12 hour days and no real issues. Have the occasional growing pains but I feel like time will certainly heel the rest. Before I would never recommend chiropractic work to anyone, now I am happy to suggest this is a viable option to consider for back, leg, and neck pain. I will not hesitate to do this again as injuries arise.

Brett: Stamford CT

“As a result of Dr. Wil’s care I am more self-aware, better able to handle stress, and feeling more “in my body.” “

I first heard about Dr. Wil in the late 1980’s–just took me a while to commit to the 50 mile round trip drive! I was looking for stress relief and the feeling of being “centered’ after an adjustment. I have experienced mild, chronic orthopedic complaints of a 60 year old male athlete, as well as overwhelming stress from my role as a caretaker of a loved one.

Among his other great qualities (compassion, sense of humor, integrity) Dr. Wil is a world-class communicator, as he explains things clearly and directly with amazing patience. And he speaks from the heart. You said keep it short, right (I’m smiling). Dr. Wil’s calling (his avocation) is his vocation (job)- he loves what he is doing and that is felt from the moment you call him. He returns calls, texts, emails, thought-waves, promptly and he gives you options– he treats you like a mature human being. You never feel rushed in his presence and he tells you the limits of his expertise. A consummate professional and just a fine human being.

While Dr. Wil is aware that organized healthcare is an unholy mess in the USA, his practice is an oasis of good, old-fashioned one-to-one care, with no concern for time or rushing the patient. He establishes a healing bond with the patient and lets NOTHING interfere with that bond. Obviously, that bond is sacred to him and is at the core of everything he does. I leave every session (over 30 in the first year) feeling infinitely better. Honestly, as a result of Dr. Wil’s care I am more self-aware, better able to handle stress, and feeling more “in my body.”

I have obtained a general feeling of being grateful for life’s blessings. Dr. Wil also has a lovely family, is obviously completely devoted to them and you will receive vicarious joy hearing about their exploits. Dr. Wil is a rare gem– he loves what he does and does what he loves. What a blessing!! I hear he’s a pretty decent softball player and I take him at his word. In summary, Dr. Wil inhabits a healing aura, and he gladly invites you and welcomes you into its presence. Why not join him?

Charles: New Rochelle NY

“I had recently been “rear-ended” in a car accident and my neck and back were very sore for a long while”

My Yoga instructor referred me to Dr. Wil since I was looking for a new Chiropractor after mine moved away. In researching Dr. Wil’s approach I found “Spinal Resonance” to be very interesting as I was open for an alternative approach to traditional Chiropractic care. I had recently been “rear-ended” in a car accident and my neck and back were very sore for a long while.

The first appointment/exam included a thorough discussion and examination. Dr. Wil and I talked for a while before starting the exam about how his treatment works as well as details of my medical history. After the treatment we discussed Dr. Wil’s assessment and my proposed treatment plan. It was a very informative appointment, much more in depth than most experiences I have had with what I would consider “traditional” chiropractic care. The Spinal Resonance approach is pretty different from other back care I have received in the past; it prepares the spine before adjusting it. Rather than getting a brief general overall adjustment, Dr. Wil’s adjustments specifically target the areas needing the adjustments.

While the adjustments take a little longer than what I was used to, they also hold for longer than adjustments I have received with other providers. In addition, the office environment is soothing and I tend to leave feeling more relaxed than when I arrived. I now have less neck and back pain, and only need to come in for maintenance appointments at this point (around once a month).

Heather: Norwalk CT

“I am headache free now in February of 2011 for the first time in 8 years”

“I am a 28 year old editor for a popular magazine in New York, and have suffered with terrible frontal headaches since I was 20 and in college.  My family is very medically orientated, so they first took me to our family MD who prescribed birth control pills, stating that they were most likely hormonal.  I explained to this doctor that I had hit my head strongly on a balance beam during a faulty dismount attempt when I was 18 and a senior in high school, and that since then I never felt my head was totally right.  I would get a little dizzy now and then, but it would go away.  Then the headaches came during my sophomore year in college final exams.  He told me that had nothing to do with it and that it was most likely a hormone imbalance or a circulation problem that may  be more serious.  This of course really scared me half to death.

The birth control pills did nothing but make me sick for 3 months, so I stopped taking them.  So then he put me on fiorinal which only made me puke and gave me the jitters.  After that, it was ergotamine and that made me really sick.  Next, sumatriptan and then Demerol!  This went on for the good portion of 2 years and my headaches only became worse and more frequent.  He then preached to my parents that something serious must be wrong so I was sent for an MRI of the brain, which thankfully showed nothing serious other than a small pineal cyst that I hear is pretty common.  Not satisfied with this he then wanted to do more tests of my brain circulation using these radioactive dyes, and that’s when I just lost it and finally told him he was a quack and to just go f____-off!  I was so upset!

My headaches were now at a level of 8 to 10 times a month and they were debilitating, sometimes placing me in bed for the day.  My girlfriend had been trying to get me to her Chiropractor for a long time for this but my parents forbade it.  Exhausted from all this physically and emotionally for almost 3 years now, I finally payed this NY city Chiropractor a visit in early 2007.  What a blessing!  My headaches were reduced to 3 or 4 per month after about 2 months of active care with this very caring woman DC.

My boyfriend and I then moved to the upper west side in 2010 and we befriended our neighbor across the hall, who told us she travels on the train to see a fantastic Chiropractor in Greenwich CT on Wednesday evenings.  I immediately checked out Dr. William Trebing on the web and saw his credentials, experience and patient-testimonials from his spinal resonance website, and became instantly intrigued on whether or not I could  be helped further.  I absolutely love my NY Chiropractor but knowing that her work only went so far she encouraged me to pay Dr. Trebing a visit.

Dr. Trebing was actually one of her adjusting teachers when she was in school and she said she admired him.

I am so happy to report to everyone reading my testimonial that I am headache free now in February of 2011 for the first time in 8 years.  Dr. Trebing uses a unique light touch kind of energy work, and the only bones he adjusted on me was my first and fifth cervicals, along with a lot of cranial-sacral work and blocking.  I have not had a headache in a month and am hopeful this trend will now continue.  Dr. Trebing told me what I always suspected, that the fall on the balance beam in high school most likely was the cause of the subluxations which created the 8 years of hell I have experienced with these headaches.  I go every week and will continue for some time until Dr. Trebing believes the cause in the neck has been corrected.  He is a very talented and caring man; one of a kind for certain!

Debbie: Manhattan, NY

“I was experiencing lower back pain and sore spots in my upper back, shoulder and neck muscles due to stress.”

As far as chiropractic care is concerned, Dr. Trebing’s work has transitioned me from a skeptic to a firm believer. I was experiencing lower back pain and sore spots in my upper back, shoulder and neck muscles due to stress. I had lived with this for years, and decided it would just be a way of life for me. It affected a number of daily activities including washing dishes, doing laundry, sitting, standing, and countless others. After treatment with Dr.Will, which included Spinal Resonance Chiropractic, the pain significantly subsided in my back and is completely gone away in shoulder and neck. Dr.Will is a joy to meet and be treated by. I love his smiley face and friendly nature. He has always been very gentle with my adjustments. I always feel at ease with his care! He always listens to me and truly is interested in me as a person, not just a patient. He is very knowledgeable and professional.

I highly recommend him for anyone needing help to maintain a quality lifestyle.

Carla: Greenwich, CT

“My life has been enriched by this new knowledge about Chiropractic care, and also by meeting such a warm and caring person”

During the Thanksgiving holiday of 2009 I had the worst neck pain ever and surfed the Internet to find a Chiropractor. Luckily Dr. William Trebing was one of the first that I found and I left a message on the answering machine, even though I knew it was Thanksgiving weekend. Only an hour later I got a call back and an appointment the following Monday. I must admit that I was a bit afraid to see a Chiropractor since I had never tried it and didn’t really know what it was all about. From the first visit, I have felt I was in the hands of the most professional and caring person I have known in the medical field. After the first visit I went home without the pain, and much more free in my neck. I have received adjustments on a regularly basis since then and have never felt better in my entire adult life. A couple of months later I took my daughter, since she kept complaining about headaches. She had scoliosis that we did not know of. Now she gets her weekly adjustments by Dr. William Trebing and her back is much better.

My life has been enriched by this new knowledge about Chiropractic care, and also by meeting such a warm and caring person.

I feel so blessed that I found Dr. William Trebing.

Louise: Old Greenwich, Connecticut

“I have truly been changed by Dr. Trebing’s touch”

We all want to be Pain Free and Happy, it is a goal we all share.

But as most of us know, life can get in the way of that freedom, the kids, the bills, the constant desire for more and more STUFF. It can all leave us drained at the end of the day. And pretty soon we don’t feel so good. As life starts to pile on it’s lessons we become burdened with it cumbersome load.

Dr. William Trebing has created a unique style of Chiropractic care that can fully address this problem. Spinal Resonance Chiropractic, designed by Dr. Trebing, is a combination of light touch and structural adjustments that vastly help his patient’s regain their strength and mobility.

Through Spinal Resonance Chiropractic care Dr. Trebing is able to remove energy blockages that have built up over time. When we remove these blockages we regain our connection to the One Supreme Energy that pervades us all. That connection is what gives us our freedom to live a pain free and happy life.

Our embodiment is a gift to be experienced in a rich, full, joyous way. When we are in pain we are unable to see the true beauty that is in each and every moment. SRC is a doorway into a life filled with joy and beauty. Through the light touch work and adjustments, Dr. Will is able to reestablish the flow of energy that removes the pain so that we can be free to be happy.

Dr. Trebing’s desire to help people feel better is felt the moment you walk into his office. He listens and cares about your pain. And he has the ability to free you from that pain.

I have truly been changed by Dr. Trebing’s touch. Not only am I pain Free and Happy, I am filled with an exuberant lust for life. My whole world had been changed. I am so thankful to Dr. Trebing and his great gifts and a Doctor of Chiropractic work.

Tracy: Old Greenwich, Connecticut


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