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Additional Greenwich Patients Review Spinal Resonance Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say

“With all love and respect to this wonderful healer, spiritual guide and angel on my path, I am eternally grateful for Dr. Wil”

Writing this testimonial about my experiences with Dr. Wil Trebing over the past decade has been something haunting me for the past year. Granted I have been known to be something of a procrastinator, but writing about this? How or where could I possibly begin keeping it to something as short as a testimonial? I always thought I couldn’t do it purely by virtue of the fact that a documentary would not even do my experience enough time to pay justice to this subject.

I met Dr. Wil 15 years ago when I was 17 through my mother, who saw Dr. Wil regularly in Greenwich at that time since 1990. He began treating me for menstrual problems I had since age 14, and these issues cleared up after 3 months of care to the point where my period was regular by the clock for the first time in my life, and without excruciating cramps that really traumatized many of my early years as a teenager. I have since moved to New York City but continue my professional relationship with Dr. Wil in his Greenwich office at least every month, sometimes more if I feel the alignment issue with my pelvis has really slipping out due to my marathon and triathlon training. I just ran the marathon here in the city yesterday and had my best time ever now that I’m 32! I can say with all honesty that without Dr. Wil’s special work this never would have happened. God only knows how many potential problems have been halted as a result of my continuous care with Dr. Wil. Alignment through his spinal resonance work has become a cornerstone in my journey for excellent health.

I could go on about the physical and emotional benefits for pages and pages, but I am going to do my best to summarize here. Meeting Dr. Wil has been one of the most transforming experiences of my life, and that is not a small thing for me to admit. We all have our mentors, and Dr. Wil’s presence in my life far surpasses that. He probably does not want me saying all this, but I must and Dr. Wil, you better not edit all this out! He has been a second father image for me in counseling me through some of my darkest moments in life, and was there for me fully when my father died in 1998 providing the moral and fatherly support I needed to get into John Jay college, and pursue my present career at Columbia as a clinical psychologist.

Now on a more spiritual note I have always been completely fascinated, since day 1 of meeting Dr. Wil, on how his “light touch” work actually operates. I call it “Wil-Vodo,” and of course his favorite reply is,”todays Vodo is tomorrows science.” How does such a light touch create such a profound response structurally and emotionally for me? Being involved with Ester Hicks and her Abraham channeling has made me convinced that he too, is channeling this healing force from some other higher realm. Does anyone else notice the breaths, the whisper chants, or that odd feeling that although you know he is not near you at this present moment, it still feels like someone is around you working on you? I call these his angels and believe me, there are plenty around him and in the room working with him and on you (just in case you wondered!).

So all this being said, you can tell how important Dr. Wil is to me and the tremendous impact his life and work have had on mine. As if all this weren’t enough, one fine summer evening in 2008 I was walking down his tall staircase and slammed into (quite literally) a tall, handsome middle aged man who was turning the corner at the same time. I was shocked and annoyed at first, but all he did was look at me with these huge loving blue eyes and smile, without a word. I said “excuse me,” and he said “no no, I hope I didn’t startle you.” He just kept smiling at me and didn’t move to allow me to pass; but it was this smile that captured me more than anything else. “I’m John,” he said, sticking out his hand. “Ohhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mackenzie,” I replied shifting around my books to shake his hand. We got to talking so much that evening that John walked me to the Greenwich train station and missed his appointment with Dr. Wil. What I remember clearly about that fateful day is the force of the impact from bouncing into John, and his delectable smile, the same smile I focused on last June 2010 when I said my marriage vows to this very man whom I now call my soul-mate. I am very dark Jamaican and African-American and he is as white as Irish Catholic can be and 16 years my senior! I am sure we are the oddest couple you would see walking down the street but we are so much in love, and grateful to Dr. Wil for providing his space for our very karmic meeting.

With all love and respect to this wonderful healer, spiritual guide and angel on my path, I am eternally grateful for Dr. Wil.

Mackenzie: Manhattan, NY

“I have returned to the active, confident woman I once was”

Before I met Dr. Wil, I had been having chronic lower back pain for years. Because back pain runs in my family, I had accepted it as an inevitable part of my life. But once I realized that I could not even do simple everyday tasks, like getting out of bed, putting on shoes and leaning over the sink to wash my face without pain, I decided I should seek help. As a young woman, in my twenties, I was not ready to succumb to a life of pain.

I had been to my family medical doctor, who said, “Take some Advil, you’ll be fine.” I had tried taking Advil and other over-the-counter pain medication, but I was still in pain. Unhappy with the prospect of taking pain medication for the rest of my life, I considered visiting a Chiropractor. Having never seen a chiropractor before, I was nervous, but when fate brought Dr. Wil to my workplace, I knew I had to give it a try.

I met Dr. Wil at a wellness event at my workplace and he made me feel immediately at ease. He was extremely professional and explained his practice without ever pressuring me to choose him or chiropractic treatment. Sensing the urgency of my treatment, he made time to meet me that very Saturday during his office hours. During this first session, he was very attentive and he explained in more detail his method of treatment. This was all very new to me, but he explained his practice in terms I could understand and I immediately felt I was in good and caring hands.

I also appreciated his honestly about his expectations of my treatment. Unfortunately, I had let my pain go untreated for so long, that Dr. Wil was not sure he would be able to alleviate my pain without surgical intervention. He immediately sent me for an MRI, which was very reassuring to me. I appreciated his ability to rely on traditional medical tests, when necessary to confirm his diagnosis. Luckily, although Dr. Wil was not sure he would be successful, he did not give up on me. I saw him twice a week, and after about 6 months of treatment, I experienced a huge improvement. I could now easily perform those simple tasks that had previously been so painful.

It has been 3 years now, and I feel like a new woman. The most obvious improvement is the elimination of my lower back pain, but I have also seen improvements in my flexibility and overall core strength. I still see Dr. Wil at least once a month for maintenance, but I have my life back. I have returned to the active, confident woman I once was. I am even enrolled in a boot camp class at my gym – an activity I never thought I would be able to do again.

Every day I am amazed at the impact Dr.Wil and his Chiropractic care has had on my life and I recommend it to anyone looking for a more balanced life.

Krista: Stamford, Connecticut

“I am now very happily pain free”

I first came to Dr. Trebing after reading an online article about his practice and methods. I had been feeling moderate to severe pain for about five months due to a bulging disc in my lower back. I had previously visited an orthopedist who prescribed stretching exercises, but there was no improvement in my condition. Not ready to start thinking about the possibility of surgery, I decided that I should try the type of physical adjustment that only a chiropractor could offer. What drew me to Dr. Trebing was his gentle, whole-body approach to healing that goes way beyond the physical spinal adjustments. With the initial consultation, Dr. Trebing mapped out a tailor made plan for not only short term recovery from my back pain, but also for my long-term health and well being. He clearly explained all of his treatment methods to me and after just two weeks I was starting to feel relief from my months of pain. I am now very happily pain free and have also gained a good understanding of how to avoid back problems in the future. There aren’t many doctors who take the time and effort to take this approach with their patients like Dr. Trebing does. His vast experience with back problems, combined with his caring nature, have made my treatment the best medical care I have ever received. The added benefit of visiting Dr. Trebing is that the sessions are deeply relaxing and I always leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Rob: New Canaan, Connecticut

“I felt immediately better after the first visit”

I found Dr. Wil in the Holistic Network guide. This work attracted me since I believe in healing the core and not just the physical body. I had lower back problems that concerned me. There are not many people like Dr. Wil, being able to combine professional skills with a humanitarian perspective. Even if someone does not believe in this kind of healing(light touch, energetic based), it will still work. With the utmost care and love a person could give to another person in pain, you are reached on a deep personal level, which does not happen in any office that I know. I was not able to walk or bend properly, and remember I felt immediately better after the first visit. However, I would say approximately after 3 weeks (keep in mind I went 3 or 4 times during these first weeks) I felt physically and spiritually much better. I am not in pain anymore and I have moved on with my life. Trust in Dr. Wil’s healing abilities and in your own. Be still and know that you are God.

Hilde: Mamaroneck, NY

“My back issues had results within just 3 visits”

I am a local business owner in town along with Doctor Wil Trebing. I find him to be a kind and committed individual who truly wants to help people. My back issues had results within just 3 visits. Dr. Wil is a caring and good hearted man that offers “out of the box” treatments with positive results.

Rob: Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Preventative, proactive natural health care is provided here. I appreciate Dr. Wil’s “no-hype”, “true care giving” style, and the follow up phone calls to see how I am doing. His care is over the top!

Cathy: Roxbury, Connecticut

“The big difference were the results I received in a relatively short period of time”

I was referred to the office of Dr. William Trebing by a friend who was assisting me after throwing out my lower back. I had been to other chiropractors before and was seeking the underlying reasons why my lower back kept going out of alignment. After an initial consultation, Dr. Wil explained to me that my structural problems kept re-reoccurring because I had not addressed the mental, emotional and physical reasons of my health condition. He discussed with me the meningeal system and how the central nervous system would, if not addressed, continue to cause the spinal vertebrae to misalign.

Although I was very knowledgeable about Health and Wellness overall, I was surprised to discover how deep layers of tension held over many decades came to the surface to be released by the Spinal Resonance techniques. Along with learning new information about my physical structure, the level of professionalism and care were quite unique. The big difference were the results I received in a relatively short period of time. For example, my neck vertebrae and surrounding musculature was stiff for years. After a few visits, Dr. Wil was able to adjust my neck and as a result my lower back problems began to diminish and my lower back began to self adjust regularly, even without an office visit.

Mostly, I am grateful that my “healing experience” with Dr. Wil was not all about chiropractic techniques. He included sage advice on how to “process” this new release of long held tensions and also how to integrate that into my daily life. Most importantly, we must see our health care practitioners as guides along the road of life. We must decide to work with practitioners that have a deeper mission in their own lives. Dr. Wil’s mission of Spinal Resonance has actually helped me to develop my own mission in life. For that, I am deeply grateful.

Joe: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“I highly recommend Dr. Wil and his chiropractic skills to address a variety of health issues”

My husband went into Dr. Trebing’s Greenwich office over 5 years ago and brought me a tape and brochure on his chiropractic work. I found the information interesting from the moment I began reading the brochure and listening to the tape. However, it wasn’t until I slipped and fell on a wet floor at the Food Emporium, that I realized it might be a good idea if I got checked out by a chiropractor. I had seen a chiropractor in NYC years before this incident, but never really felt any lasting benefits on the few occasions that I went.

As soon as I met Dr. Wil, I knew that this was going to be a “different and unique” experience. I was attracted to the concept of “releasing blocked energy” in my body and being a “co-creator” of my life. I got that right away. After the fall, my sacrum and neck muscles were sore and I was waking up with tingling in my hands. Since I am registered nurse and licensed massage therapist, I thought it would be in my best interest to see if any of my vertebrae were out of alignment or if I had any broken bones. Dr. Wil was very thorough with his initial intake and exam. I was delighted that my he accepted my insurance plan. He observed my alignment, posture and palpated my muscles for tenderness. Dr. Will explained that several of my vertebrae were out of alignment and some bruising had taken place from my fall. He suggested that it would be best for me to initially come several times each week and then tapper down to once/week and then eventually monthly care. I felt comfortable with Dr. Wil’s relaxed style, confidence and was thrilled with his passion for what he loves to do.

In the 5 years that I have seen Dr. Wil, he has maintained a high level of professionalism/humanism regarding all aspects of my care. I feel so comfortable expressing my “life story” to him. He has been an amazingly supportive mentor in my life, and I deeply appreciate that. He has a gentle and encouraging nature that keeps me wanting to come back for more. Spinal Resonance Chiropractic is a unique technique that encourages my body to totally relax, meditate and allows the “universal energy” to flow freely in my body. I am responsible for facilitating this process and reaching new levels of awareness in my mind, body and spirit. I have learned so much about “being present” with myself and accepting whatever I am experiencing. Dr. Wil has encouraged my full expression of all emotions and supported the many challenges I have experienced in my life. He is always available to listen, and guide me on my journey. I felt a positive sensation or shift after the initial treatment. I realized that every day there is progress moving forward. It is neither positive or negative, just energy in transition, moving through and around our body. I was patient with my body and gave it the time it needed to heal.

Seeing Dr. Wil accelerated my wonderful and healing process, that is ongoing. The primary differences between how I was before my care began and how I am now is that presently I take full responsibility for my thoughts, actions and creation of my life. Through receiving Spinal Resonance Chiropractic treatments on a regular basis, I have come to a new level of awareness of how my thoughts and emotions create my reality and how tension builds up in my body and needs to be released. I have learned that I need to provide daily loving “self-care” techniques to maintain balance and harmony.

Prior to my care with Dr. Wil, I wasn’t aware of how to move so effortlessly through the many challenges that we are all faced with, moment by moment. I highly recommend Dr. Wil and his chiropractic skills to address a variety of health issues. He incorporates the “whole person” into his care plan and is a tremendous support and role model.

Roberta: Riverside, Connecticut

“What can I say? Dr. Trebing is fantastic. “

My co-worker raved about Dr. Trebing and how much she had suffered from back pain in the past before she started treatment with him. I wanted to see him for chronic pain in my right shoulder and lower back, as well as headaches. I’m not one who looks to medication to fix a problem, as I usually look for holistic solutions at first. More specifically, I had headaches, neck and sholder pain and lower back pain initially due to being hit from behind while in my car in 1994, and subsequent surgery to remove 60% of a herniated L5-S1 disc. Then in 2006 left ear pain, vertigo, diziness from being hit from the side while in my car. Again in 2007 – 2008 a sprained intercostal muscle – from repeatedly lifting a gym bag, a laptop and a backpack for school. And now a bulging herniated disc at the original site of my surgery.

I was familiar with chiropractic before I met with Dr. Trebing so was knowledgeable about what the treatment would do for me. However, he was very thourough in my exam and asking questions about my history. He is very good at explaining what he is doing, why and how it will help. Dr. Trebing is the best! He is very, very professional and also very, very personalbe. Very easy to talk to and easy going. He has a great sense of humor, and is genuinely a wonderful doctor and human being! He is very committed to helping his patients and doing his best, and everything he can for us. His office is a very warm, personal yet professional experience.

With other offices you felt like a number or that you are part of the mill. This is not the case with Dr. Trebing’s office. In many cases I felt relief instantly. Sometimes it would be later in the day and for the more complicated injuries a few weeks. My neck, shoulders and lower back are much less tight and I am more subtle than before treatment. What can I say? Dr. Trebing is fantastic. He has the best bedside manner around and is incredibly professional and very caring. He has very talented and healing hands and energy which go along way in the treatment he gives to his patients.

Anne: Norwalk, Connecticut

“After my initial treatments, I had relief from the pain immediately”

I was interested in finding a chiropractic treatment that wasn’t the in-and-out, once a week visit I had become accustomed to for back and shoulder pain. I heard about Dr. Wil from a family member. Dr. Wil explained that my chronic shoulder pain, which kept me from exercising regularly, was from a subluxation in my neck. After my initial treatments, I had relief from the pain immediately. The treatments are unique – Dr. Wil takes his time working on patients, it is relaxing, with less “cracking” and more subtle adjustments. I am now on a once a month maintenance program and have almost zero pain. The most interesting difference, aside from living pain free, is that sometimes when I exercise, my spine readjusts itself. I know I’ve become a healthier person.

Susan: Manhattan, NY

“My symptoms are very concerning and real to me and he understands and treats me with respect without condemnation”

In February 1992 I visited Dr. Laurence Perry, a North Carolina Naturopath, to help with my aliments. He practiced vibrational medicine. He advised me, because my immune system was fragile, to have energetic chiropractic care because of the gentleness, effectiveness and releasing affects it would have on my body, mind, spirit and emotions that had been under attack from Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue and one and one-half years of antibiotics. These diseases affected every body system, and because they had so many symptoms it took it’s toll on my psychological and emotional well being. I also have congenital compensatory kyphosis and lordosis.

In April 1992, two months after seeing Dr. Perry, I went for my first Spinal Resonance chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Wil Trebing. Since I was just becoming familiar with energy and manipulative work, it seemed foreign to me. My initial thought was, “this Dr. Trebing is a bit odd, how is this ever going to work.” However, I had just experienced virbrational medicine which worked wonders for me, so I decided if it didn’t cause damage I would give it a chance. I sought Spinal Resonance chiropractic for it’s gentle manner of enhancing the healing work that had begun with Dr. Perry during my North Carolina visit. By keeping my spine free of subluxations I needed to heal from the physical and psychological damage caused by these diseases. I learned from Dr. Trebing that every cell in the body retains the positive and negative experiences of life. Sometimes we have to bring things up and out of ourselves to deal with them and be able to move forward. I learned that subluxations hinder nerve/muscle conduction. I also learned, and I can still hear Dr. Trebing’s voice say, “stay in the moment”.

I find Dr. Trebing’s office to be a warm, safe, comfortable, and caring setting. I also know that I can contact Dr. Trebing and he will get back to me as soon as possible. I like that security. He listens, does not criticize, and does not get impatient. My symptoms are very concerning and real to me and he understands and treats me with respect without condemnation.

The office provides a monthly Email newsletter which includes informational articles, advice and jokes. I know this takes a lot of time, research and energy, and I appreciate that. The gentle touch to open up the nerve pathways before manipulation are powerful for me . This helps me to relax. Many times other chiropractors just manipulate and if the muscles are tight, more pain and damage can be caused. Generally I feel results on the way home, but it takes no longer than four days to experience results with this treatment. Because of the long drive (90 miles each way) sometimes I have to seek chiropractic and acupuncture help from other practitioners. I find that my treatments hold longer due to Dr. Trebing’s work.

Also, two very remarkable events happened in the past that helped me immensely. In 1994 my mother, who lived 150 miles away, was having breast cancer surgery and radiation. She also had heart and emphysema problems. I was driving back and forth staying ten or more days at a time. I had to give up a job, and I really wanted to be able to take care of my mother. I would stop at Dr. Trebing’s office and have a session before going to my mother’s, and upon returning home as well. The treatments enabled me to handle all the physical and emotional stress I was going through with ease. I was also able to release the negative emotional baggage associated with this event. They ended up being the best years for the relationship between my mother and I. Last year my husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Dr. Trebing was there for both of us and with Dr. Trebing’s treatment, it helped with my husband’s recovery. To my amazement, it helped me deal with what I had to do before and after his surgery with confidence and relative ease.

Patricia: South Windsor, Connecticut

“I feel completely cared for and better able to flow through life”

Dr. Wil Trebing is a master in his field. I have experienced his work for nearly twenty years with great success. He is, in my opinion, a healer who takes into account the whole person. He is exceptionally adept at knowing what one needs, not only on a physical level, but spiritually and emotionally as well. I feel completely cared for and better able to flow through life with his method of aligning my spine and nervous system. I highly recommend this form of treatment.

Kimberly: Greenwich, Connecticut

“I have been pleased with the results that I have benefited from”

I have been a tennis teaching professional for 25 years, and have know Dr. Wil for several of them. Keeping the body in proper alignment is essential for playing tennis, as well as for functional fitness. Tennis uses repetitive motions, stresses the hip flexors, challenges the core of the body, and integrity of the spine. I sound like I am promoting basic Chiropractic principles because visiting Dr. Wil has been critical in guiding me through restorative healing methodologies. What I love about Dr. Wil’s Chiropractic style, is that he continually creates appropriate creative solutions to issues relating to the body, and/or to holistic health. He is thorough, compassionate, inventive, “non-cookie-cutter” in approach, and a gentle giant in his professional style. I have been pleased with the results that I have benefited from. Dr. Wil’s energy is genuinely of an authentic healing nature. I certainly recommend a visit to his office, if indications are to see a strong, solutions based Chiropractic professional.

Daniel: Cos Cob, Connecticut

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